When is the time to join hands?
April 26, 2015



Yes, the time to join hands is now!

We are in the middle of a natural catastrophe. One that has hit not close to home, but right in our homes.

The 7.8 magnitude of earthquake, the strongest in 80 years, the one that people have dreaded, and a fear that now is a reality.  More than 100 tremors have followed which taken upwards of 1,400 2,000 innocent lives.

A city: a historic place, home to 3% of all the nation’s population, dense, the most developed city, only entry to the world by air (only international airport in the country),  beautiful, mesmerizing, ….. now grieving, cuddled together after each of the subsequent quakes and tremors, trying to assess what is left, trying to understand how much is lost,……..

A district, a village: near the epicenter in ruins, roads caved in, rescue efforts distant and sporadic, trekking or through helicopters

A peak: the tallest peak in the world, continuous avalanches, peak season for the Mt. Everest climb, rescue efforts futile

and many more ……

Still feeling the tremors………….

As our beloved ones are living it, we are feeling it, … almost helpless …

We are reaching out, we are staying informed, we are trying to stay strong, and we are trying to help out and seek help to get the relief in the best possible way we can.

We need to heal hearts, mend lives, build our cities, be better prepared, …..

There are many things that we need to do.


At the moment, we need to gather our financial resources as much as we can, reach out as farther as we can.


Stay strong Nepal

Stay Strong Nepal


There are resources coming in from many places but there is more needed. We need to support these efforts.

I like many want to send support in kind, but the experts say cash is best way to send support. There are many ways to send your contribution.

Here is how you can help.

Please help!

P.S. For easy access you can text  80088 to donate $10 to the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund through Global Giving .



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