Our Accountability to the Earthquake Victims and to Nepal
April 28, 2015

This has been a tough time for us as Nepalese and to humanity in general.

We have been tested to the core and will feel the pain and the tremor for a long time.

When natural disasters have their way, we cannot accurately foretell and perhaps ever adequately prepare for – no matter where we are. But, we have to understand that there is always a silver lining, …… even when we are neck deep in sorrows. Our ability to bounce back somehow will shape our present and mostly our future. This disaster has us reeling in paining, made us feel helpless, and seeking for ways to help out, survive, ……… and one day,….. thrive.

The world has never been “ONE” like this before, never so connected.

As everyone is trying to help in their own ways, we have heard from experts, from passionate commons, and everyone in between. Each of us trying to do our best, trying to build hope, praying, staying strong, helping each other, and being hopeful.

When I thought about how I could be of help from this far away, I wanted to help us, …… the millions contributing and ready to contribute more (financially) by giving a platform to connect directly with those helping in the ground.  Amidst many voices, many pictures, many opinions,….. the scenario seems foggy at the least.

Accountability in these rescue efforts seem less important and are rare but we need to be accountable. We have to have a clearer vision as to where these funds end up, hopefully utilized. We are citizens of one earth, infinitely connected through – technology, passion, will, skills, expertise, humanity……

We can shape our path to stay connected, share our voices, hear together and act together.

My initiative is a simple one, a very simple one indeed.  I want us to use google sheet………. Yes! a google sheet. This google sheet!

(If you clicking the above link does not take you there, you can copy and paste this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qHcRsj5RJNy2NiIrWXchdYA-Q9RWSmFRKJFtBdQRcmk/edit#gid=0)

With this google sheet, we can try and bring the much needed transparency in our efforts, in our own multitude of ways.  We can come together, learn from each other, and share our love.

More than anything, we want our contribution to reach the right people, right organization – contributing to the greater good.

There are many people asking, How can I help? Where can I send a portion of my hard earned money?

I have therefore created this google sheet as an open document for everyone to look at and edit. Please feel free to make changes, add columns, update your figures and descriptions. Let’s make this our way to show ourselves and the many donors, that we have been accountable and that we are reaching the right audience.

Please Remember, Together we stand, together we thrive!

I dream of a Nepal where each one us together will and can have a voice, a say in how Nepal should be and would be following this aftermath.  As the aftershocks are simmering down, let’s dream faster, farther, and importantly together.

The main purpose of this google sheet is to help fund the organizations that are the most active, accountable, and can deliver the greatest service to a struggling Nepal.

Let’s come together with This google sheet!

Let the power be with us!


P.S. You can share your ideas and more info on google sheet itself or here

About Sudiksha Joshi

A Learning Advocate and Founder of WeAreAlwaysLearning.com, I am on a mission to give ourselves to think bigger and bolder to forge our way forward and change the world.