How do you Thrive in a Volatile Economy? Career and Life Advice from a 6-Figure Copywriter and Business Coach, Tepsii
April 07, 2017

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What do you do when you fail?

What do you do when you see success after success?

And, what do you do when you don’t quite know the way ahead?

These were a few of the questions I had when I approached to interview Tepsii, a Copywriting & Business Teacher for soulful entrepreneurs.

Tepsii started her copywriting business in 2015 and in just two months, replaced her salary working in the corporation and in four months retired her husband Sean, a Federal Attorney.  The results are staggering and I had to dive deep to understand what lay underneath this success.

“You are not the sum of the grades in your transcript, jobs on your resume, or the profit and loss statement of your business.” {<–Tweet this }

Furthermore, Tepsii is working towards creating more opportunities and teaching entrepreneurship to students and puts a big emphasis on the mindset which has resulted in huge shifts in me. So, I asked her questions that ranged a gamut and would likely benefit a wide range of audience, especially if you are thinking you what’s my purpose or how do I thrive in today’s time of change and volatility.

Here are some timestamps from this interview which includes some important takeaways:

  1. Tepsii’s secret behind the success: replacing her salary within two months of starting her business. How is that even possible? [4:23]
  2. If you thought techniques and skills were the secret sauce, here’s what Tepsii teaches. [6:28]
  3. Does a strong network really matter? [7:08]
  4. What do you do when you cannot piece your way forward all together? Here’s where Tepsii started solidifying her business idea. [12:39]
  5. Tepsii’s advice to her past self when she felt she didn’t have a say. [16:20]
  6. Tepsii invested in herself and not in material things, really? [20:20]
  7. What is the shift in perception that is needed in today’s economy? What does that even mean? [24:00]
  8. I get to finally crack the code to Tepsii’s overnight success HERE! [26:58]
  9. Being vulnerable and showing up an essential part of her brand [30:00]
  10. If you are flying high with all the successes, ground yourself and here’s why? [33:30]
  11. What does true entrepreneurship mean and why Tepsii wants to teach entrepreneurship to students? [37:48]


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