Power in forgiveness
February 17, 2015

So, you’ve been hurt, really hurt!

How could he/she do so? 

What does he/she think of himself/herself?

I will never ever talk to or be friends again with him/her.


Someone really hurt you, now what?

The lingering connection, lingering hurt, insult, or simple unpleasantness is always there.  We all have been knowingly and/or unknowingly been on both sides some time or the other.

The guilt could make you a nicer person as you vow to never make such a mistake again but the hurt? We no longer have the power to our hurt, no cure as such, perhaps a numbness if the other person realized his/her mistake and asked for forgiveness. But what if the other person does not feel the need to apologize or worse even does not even realize that you have been hurt?

They certainly would not have any idea of the degree the hurt?  You felt it, not the other person.

This blog goes along with my blog of yesterday, our tendency to blame.

The scenarios may not overlap all the time but the effect is quite possibly the same in these two cases.  When you are hurt by someone, your feeling of hurt transfers the power over to the other person.


Well, being able to forgive is perhaps the only way to move ahead.  When you react to the hurt by ignoring or piling it all up within you, it is you who are suffering.  The pace of the world seems to move ever so slowly but that means you are lagging behind.

Only way to jump into a higher gear and resume your pace would be to let go.

Be in control!

All the power to you!


Keep on marching!


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