5 Reasons Why Every Nepali Should Watch Singha Durbar/Madame Prime Minister
November 24, 2015

We all watch our favorite shows and that is our choice. But November 22 aired the second episode of Singha Durbar or Madame Prime Minister and I urge every Nepali to watch this and here’s why:

  1.  It resonates with each of our dreams for what Nepal could and should be. As Gauri Malla in character as Nepal’s first prime Minister Asha enters the meeting hall where she addresses her newly formed Council of Ministers, I felt CHILLS, I felt PRIDE, I felt hope……. and, I felt COURAGE. Sometimes just hearing it and being to feel it can do wonders.
  2. Not JUST a serial. Singha Durbar is a two-year $1 million project funded by USAID which
    “seeks to mitigate public disillusionment and dissatisfaction towards the Government and political process using multi-media communications and story-telling approaches.”
    This 13-part long serial was funded by USAID’ under the Democracy and Governance Program with the intentions to lead the following key results as listed in Singha Durbar (The Lion’s Palace): A Media Program and Creating Role Models for Good Governance Factsheet

    • For us to understand that a ‘good’ leadership and ‘good’ governance requires values of inclusion, transparency, honesty, and collaboration across dividing lines.
    • For us to really truly understand how our government works at local and national levels so that are more able to and be interested in our civic engagements.
    • We will be able to express our expectations to our political and government leaders so that they act in collaborative ways and in the interest of the larger public.
    • For upcoming political and government leaders will have role models who exhibit behaviors of collaboration, transparency, inclusiveness, and solution-oriented decision making. Let’s face it, I have lived 30 years and plus some more but we are still looking for stability and with such a long period of instability, there has not been a trail of good leadership to really guide today’s leaders and leaders in the future. We have enough lessons on starting a revolution but not on sound governance. It is time to write a new story and this allows us more than a blank space to get started.
  3. A fruit of a seed planted almost a DECADE ago. As Serena Rix Tripathee, the producer and one of the two creative minds along with Michael Shipler who conceived this project, gives us the insights on how the seed was planted and nurtured to bring to this stage; it is important that we tend to this “audacious idea.” …………Because in Serena’s own words:
    “the words, ‘What if…” and “ I wonder” have the power to start revolutions.”
  4. For a search for common ground. The project is implemented by Search for Common Ground (SCG). The belief that drives SCG’s works is:
    Conflict and differences are inevitable. Violence is not.
    How powerful is that?
    SCG partners and works around the globe and at all levels “to ignite shared solutions” and “to build sustainable peace mainly through: Dialogue, Media, and Community.”
  5. A calling for an awakening among us to truly accept the diversity within us. We know there are castes and ethnic groups but we don’t really know what makes us different and we have not yet truly embraced the fact that despite the differences (which we don’t understand), we are equal, we are part of the whole. Tsering Rhitar Sherpa, the director of the serial needs more encouragement to allow him and other filmmakers to tell stories of Nepal. Tsering, also the owner of Mila Productions, is among the few directors who make films and tell stories that need to be told and celebrated in Nepal. 


A well made serial that touches your heart and also wants you to think – think of the present but also think of a future that can be the way you would want it to be. If you haven’t watched it, the links here are of the two episodes that have aired. I have also placed the interview of the main protagonist of this serial Gauri Malla here. 

To more engaged conversations to find shared solutions!

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