You could give a child the power to read
February 25, 2015

Dear Readers,

Today, I decided to write about a cause that is dear to everyone who can read and write, giving someone the power to read.  Have you ever stared at some writing, in print media or online, that looked so foreign to you?

Can you read:




Well, if these two, even one of the two, look foreign to you then we are on the same page. If not, I need to search for something else to give you that feel. Anyway, 你好 and வணக்கம் is how you would write hello in Mandarin and Tamil (searched the web for it).  You can now make an association because you can read what I am writing and you can comprehend.

But what if there is someone, in fact many who cannot read and write because they can’t afford to?  They are deprived of one of the basic rights of every individual, the right to education.

Hari’s father, the sole provider of this family living in the slums, has a chronic condition that affects his ability to provide for his family by fishing near the river he lives in.  Hari’s father didn’t have the financial resources to put Hari to school.

Then there is Parbati, the youngest daughter of a family of six.  The parents work hard as laborers to provide for their four children and education takes a far second priority when making the ends meet becomes an everyday struggle.

These cases are prevalent in Nepal where a large population lives under absolute poverty.  Many organizations are working to change this in their own ways but there is need for more.  One such effort started in Austin, Texas in 2012, where six friends joined hands to chip in.  Six friends who came to the U.S. to pursue higher education and now are working and had the desire to give back.  They decided to register their own NGO, Protect Kids Dream, and contribute monthly to ensure better education for one more child than before.  They have help back in Nepal to execute their vision, an experienced social worker working in Pragatinagar and Pithauli, Nawalparasi, in western Nepal. She works with other volunteers and schools to find students in need of this scholarship.

Did you know? $150 translates to one year of education for one child: tuition, school supplies, new clothes, school uniform, shoes, emergency light, some pocket money, cultural activities, and soon… access to health checkups.

There are many causes that are worthy of our support but this is one I believe complements many of those causes since this is an investment for the future, for the circle of love to keep moving.

How much you will contribute is your decision.  The charity starts from the heart.

You can learn more about ProtectKidsDream here

and make your contribution here

Keep it moving!



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