Write to Find Your Passion
April 05, 2016

Have you often heard this?

After school (college), I am DONE learning!

Think about it.

Our learning NEVER started in school and will definitely not end once you get out of it.
In fact, if the school years are utilized properly, the objective there was to lay the groundwork for the life ahead.

Now more than ever, we can never stop learning.

I am more than my degree and YOU are more than your degree.


You will get clarity on your true path once you start peeling the layers of limiting beliefs— fear of trying something new, fear of failing, fear of getting laughed at, …..

Through writing and learning and connecting with awesome teachers and friends, I am on my own path of spreading the message of hope and of the power of connecting.

This blog is my attempt at sharing my learning from great teachers everywhere.

I hope that through this blog, you will find inspirations to find your own gift, your own path.

Let the learning begin!


P.S. You can always reach me at sudiksha@wearealwayslearning.com

About Sudiksha Joshi

A Learning Advocate and Founder of WeAreAlwaysLearning.com, I am on a mission to give ourselves to think bigger and bolder to forge our way forward and change the world.