Giving the gift of access to education,one kid at a time
March 03, 2015

As we hurried to get to the Protect Kids Dream second fundraiser, a little late than we had planned, 10 active members of the team along with a few other helping hands were scrambling to put the show together.

Besides their busy work schedule, the members had:

1. Organized the event

2. Cooked homemade food: momo, dal bhaat, saag, achar, masu, and others (delicious)

3. Convinced people from different walks of life to be there in person and/or through contributions

4. Rehearsed for their songs, dances…

5. And above all convinced people to pitch in a little extra cash to be able to take two more kids under their wings.

Give two more kids in addition to the eight kids the access to quality education.

A fighting shot at being able to compete in this ever competitive world!

It was a simple event, true to its roots.

There were songs by RosishBipul, and Holie and dances from Sanjana and Brijita.

 Sometimes it is easy for us to take the efforts of our own for granted and look farther for inspirations (like the twinkling stars in the sky).

There was a performance which was probably the cherry on top.

The one by Holie. She sang two songs that day, one was an English song that she composed and the other was Phool ko ankha ma phulai sansara originally by Ani Choying Dolma.  She didn’t know the language but somehow learned the lyrics, understood the meaning of the words, sang it in the purest way she could.

As we go about our days as busy as we can possibly be, it is sometimes important to pause and consider if we are giving back while we are busy taking, running, and giving in.

I write about this cause again because where ever we are, however, we are,  we can choose to be the change we want to be.  It is sometimes easy to place the blame on someone else, our government to be more precise for this particular case, we can only hope for the best for things that we don’t have control of.

But we always have control of the choices we make.  Sometimes the choices may seem difficult, too hard to make, full of uncertainties; but choices for our actions is the only certainty.

If you would like to support the cause of ProtectKidsDream, you can do so here.


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