Empowering The Budding Talents: Maggie Doyne, the CNN Hero
October 09, 2015

Inspiration is everywhere!

You just have to look around you. If you look for inspiration, you will find it!

CNN Heroes is definitely a place to look for inspiration.

Heroes: Everyday People – Just like you and me. Yet, different than us because they saw the same problems that we saw around us and decided to do something about it. They acted and are making a difference and changing lives.

One of the top 10 CNN Heroes is Maggie Doyne, a then 17/18-year old high school student and a native of New Jersey. Her heart ached when she saw orphan children earning their meals by breaking stones all day in Nepal. Then one day, she found a catalyst that would put her desire to bring about a change, a seven year old girl with a smile and twinkle in her eyes who broke stones all day to provide for her single mother and siblings . Maggie started with all of her savings from babysitting since she was 12 and built a home and then a school for orphan children, now the Kopila Valley.

Kopila Valley is truly a place where hopes run high, dreams get realized, and inspirations come flowing. I can just feel its power by just reading the articles, watching some of the videos, and watching Maggie’s passion and her commitment when she talks about Her Children and Kopila Valley.  It is a true inspiration. 

The website blinknow.org truly hits home, for inspiration, for taking action, and for reaffirming that We all are the same, one family!

Smiles and the hopeful eyes that hold many dreams, they seem to say, We are ONE

We just have to Realize it and Embrace it!

Maggie Doyne is now among the TOP 10 CNN Heroes for 2015 and all we need to do is submit a vote everyday until November 15. She can win $100,000 for her noble cause. Let the dreams of many more of the budding talents be realized!


Watch this video! It will inspire you. It will melt your Heart. And it will nudge you to make a difference in others lives to make a difference on your own lives.


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