A Poem …. We are always learning
January 18, 2015

Out of the womb ….. suddenly we learn to breathe
We learn to cry, kick,…then tumble, crawl, walk, and run
We somehow learn to think ….   without giving it a thought
Expectations flood in for us to achieve
First, simple milestones…. then, to realize all the dreams
Its not an easy road, let me just leave it at that
But… we are one of the most resilient beings let me talk about that
We try, we tumble, we even shed tears on the way
There is something in us….
When we believe, we achieve ….. because we are always learning
We learn from the fall, the rise, and everything in between
I believe, we can keep living our dreams till we keep learning
…… till we keep learning and believing

About Sudiksha Joshi

A Learning Advocate and Founder of WeAreAlwaysLearning.com, I am on a mission to give ourselves to think bigger and bolder to forge our way forward and change the world.