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Dr. Sudiksha Joshi saw my book before I did. She read my blogs and identified common themes and showed me how they could come together as a book. With her support and practical advice, I published Say the Wrong Thing: Stories and Strategies for Racial Justice and Authentic Community this summer. Sudiksha has advised me on ways to promote my book, including a recorded interview and and facebook advertising. Most important, Sudiksha consistently helps me to move from being overwhelmed to being productive. She provides strategic communication advice with a warm heart.

Dr Amanda Kemp

Author, Facilitator of Diversity & Inclusion Education

Sudiksha is a multi-talented professional who has found an out-of-the-box solution to empowering our youth to create careers and futures that inspire them to achieve great things. I had the joy of mentoring Sudiksha in finding her signature program and have seen firsthand how she walks her talk.

She is an incredibly self-aware, observant and thoughtful person who is able to bring out a person’s strengths, areas of growth and opportunities for their career advancement. And she does it with a tremendous amount of compassion, nonjudgment and tailored-to-you strategies.

Sudiksha knows how to work with the often uncomfortable space of a young adult not knowing what they want to do with their future and instead of telling them what to do, she has a gift at inspiring them to find the answers through their own discovery. I strongly recommend Sudiksha for any school or parent who wants to give their kids the best shot at developing an entrepreneurial mindset that will help them forge their own path to a successful career and future.



I am blessed to call Dr. Sudiksha Joshi a friend, mentor and life coach. We were working together at Climate Corp. when I hit a particularly rough patch in my relationship. I was overwhelmed and sick with stress. People were noticing and I couldn’t focus. One day she asked if I wanted to talk. I hadn’t opened up to anybody in a long time and didn’t know where to start. In her uniquely patient and subtle demeanor she gave me the space to air my feelings and the connection I craved. She never tried to placate me or press any form of action upon me, she listened intently. My modus operandi as a struggling young mom was to bury things and dredge onward. I felt I had nothing left for myself by the end of each day and I feared judgment everywhere. But if you had asked me? Nope, not me I’d have said. Through all my feminist studies classes in college I never once stopped to ask myself if I would fall into one of traps I so frequently read about; of feeling like a bad partner and an even worse mom, of being a woman who is too scared to ask for a raise and unwilling to make a career leap to follow a passion, of feeling like an imposter at work. Reading about those things is nothing compared to actually experiencing them. And Dr. Joshi guided me through it all. I can truly say I don’t know where I would be right now without her quiet intervention last fall. She has showered my life in abundance and given me the gift of really knowing what it means to show up authentically. Emily Zalasky

Data Engineer

Sudiksha is an attentive and compassionate coach! She helped me to identify strengths and practical skills that align with my future goals. She provided me with effective resources that expanded my knowledge on student mentoring and life skills. Sudiksha is a strategic and analytical thinker, who also understands current trends in education. I admire her holistic approach to personal development and coaching. She continues to guide me actively as I navigate my career trajectory.



You have ability to see potential beyond the present outlook.

You can see gold when people only see dirt.
Stephanie BwaBwa

Author, Web Designer

I’ve recently been learning how to write blogs for the business I work for. Sudiksha Joshi has been a great inspiration whenever I needed to get my writing juices flowing. Her critiques have always been very informative and helpful in pointing me in the right direction.
Linda Witmer

Writer, Blogger

My client was very pleased with the end product. Thank you so much for all your help!
Ashley Cruz


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