“[We] can build thriving [communities] that bring joy and fulfillment to all” when “people throw away long-accepted…practices and start operating from their deepest sense of right, with a sense of profound responsibility for the lives entrusted to them.”                                                                                                                                                    – Bob Chapman & Raj Sisodia


Messaging Contract Proposal 


Our Community Listens

Dear Rebecca,

It'll be an honor to create messaging for OCL.
Here's how I intend to appraoch this project:
  • Reflectively listen to the OCL Executive Team, Facilitators, Alumni, and other Partners
  • Follow-up with additional questions
  • Conduct a Site Audit for content of OurCommunityListens.org
  • Start creating the messaging to meet the timeline listed below.
 Sudiksha Joshi, Ph.D.
 Learning Advocate





Website Audit and Recommendations

Boost search rankings and conversions by finding gaps, opportunities


October 30

Home Page Content

Set the stage for a great site experience that prompts conversions


November 5

Take Class Page Content

Make it easy for the committed audience to register for a class


November 5

OCL Marketing 1-pager draft

Describe the program and persuade them to learn more


November 10

5 Blog Posts of Case Studies

Highlight the benefit of taking the class from a diverse alumni pool


November 15

Blog editorial calendar and social media post series

Review and revise or create an editorial calendar to make creating and posting easier and structured.


November 20

Downloadable Resource

Provide a taste of OCL message and build a list of the hungry


November 20

Finalize all deliverables

Ready to go

November 28



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