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5-Day College & Life Design Bootcamp

Unlock your Highschooler’s potential!

As Parents,  you worry about the future of your kids. That’s a given. Especially as your kids start going to high-school you probably worry thinking:

  • Will my child have a successful career ?
  • Is my child confident enough to face the real-world all on her own?
  • Am I capable of guiding my child for her future?
  • Will my child be able to navigate changes?

On the other hand kids are worried too:

  • How can I avoid making mistakes?
  • Will I be able to make my parents proud?
  • Is my GPA enough?
  • Am I ready to move away from my parents and live on my own?

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The worries exist on both sides of a table and it’s got to do with the future, more specifically an uncertain future.

Studies after studies show that graduates of schools and colleges are grossly under-prepared to face the workplace. 

Case studies upon case studies also show that when students (your kids) themselves take ownership of their future and are resilient to bounce back from failure, and are confident enough to take calculated risks in a supportive environment, opportunities are abound.

We want to be your ally in sparking this personalized discovery of your child so that both you and your child feel comfortable and confident to navigate the uncertain and the unknown.

This 5-Day College & Life Design Boot-camp is designed with a goal to create confidence, leadership, and clarity for students as they navigate their future scenarios.

 In this boot camp students will learn to:  

  • Discover their strengths and interests
  • Research potential paths forward
  • Reverse Engineer the potential paths to assess the skills needed
  • Identify ways and resources needed to move forward
  • Identify areas to contribute and collaborate 

Students will leave the boot camp with a clear sense of where they are headed, and how it will help them lead fulfilling lives and have quality careers.

Students will also learn the tools to continuously assess and adjust their current plans with the changes they encounter and foresee.

Be among the first to register for the launch of this 5-Day College & Life Design Boot-camp and save. 

You won’t be paying the regular boot-camp cost of $1,000. 



5-Day Boot Camp Schedule

Start Date: July 29

End Date: August 7 (Parent Debrief from 3 – 4 PM)

Time: 11 AM – 3 PM

Location: Undivided Experience Center, 657 Spirit Airpark W Dr, Chesterfield, MO 63005


July 29

July 30

July 31

August 5

August 7







Sample Activities



Assessment Feedback

Research Role Models

Life Design Presentation

Career Research

Find Your “Why” Exercise

Goalcasting Exercise

Core value group exercise

Student projects brainstorming

Purpose Statement

Student Driven Future conversation

Parent Debrief

Who we are

Sudiksha_Joshi_ProfileSudiksha Joshi, Ph.D., learning advocate, and founder of WeArealwaysLearning.com, is on a mission to support our youth and the young at heart empower themselves. Her clients learn to think bigger and bolder so that they can forge their way forward, break with traditional paradigms of success, and change the world.

She brings together her experiences in the not-for-profit, academic, corporate, and entrepreneurial environments to redefine what success means and to navigate through life changes and get back to their productive and curious selves. Sudiksha  has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and LinkedIn

I am blessed to call Dr. Sudiksha Joshi a friend, mentor and life coach. In her uniquely patient and subtle demeanor she guided me through it all. I genuinely feel because of her coaching I started asking questions fearlessly and without shame. I learned I got things done faster that way. And I have picked up so many new skills because of it, this month I successfully negotiated a $20K raise.       

Emily Zalasky

Kevin Harrman has been coaching teens and young adults in college and career planning for 7 years. He works with students to discover what lights them up, and what structures and pathways are needed to make those dreams for the future real. Students get confidence and clarity while parents get peace of mind and lower school costs.

When students work with Kevin the have an experience of identifying what’s important to them in a career such that they are inspired to fulfill on the future they create during coaching. With this newfound confidence, students have gotten better grades, faster results, and saved tens of thousands of dollars from unnecessary courses and flip-flopping majors.

Kevin provided me, step by step, a new way to understand my personality type, why I react the way I do, and how to more effectively communicate with others. I also now underestand goal planning that effects how I look at life. Who would have thought that so many careers would be available? Thanks, Kevin!                    

Chelsea Dickinson

Let your child learn to take charge of where she/he wants to go. 

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