“It takes great courage to show up fully – despite your flaws, the mistakes, you’ve made or the mistakes you’ll make along the way – when you do, you’ll amaze even yourself.”


– Sudiksha Joshi, PhD

Are you ready to

  • Gain clarity on what you want to do in life?
  • Build a strong community that’s always there to support and accept you for who you are?
  • Start a business/project that lights you up?
  • Live a life that does not box you in but rather allows you to expand and have the flexibility to Forge Your Way Forward?

This site started out as a personal space for me to explore more of myself.

Now, it is a space to help you uncover and connect all the seemingly disconnected ideas and parts of your life. 

I hope contents of this site inspires you enough to  give yourself the permission to think bigger and bolder and Forge Your Way Forward today and in the future, a future that is uncertain and full of possibilities.  

Life and Lessons After PhD, Beyond the Academia

I wanted to be prepared. While pursuing my Ph.D., I made it a point to participate in as many career preparation workshops as I could - within the University and in Professional Conferences. There was not much support available for careers outside the academia, except...

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Sudiksha Joshi, PhD

Learning advocate |  Life coach | Blogger

I am Sudiksha Joshi, a Learning Advocate. My mission is to empower youths and young at hearts who feel lost in the traditional ways of achieving success to think bigger & bolder and forge their own way forward. I work with:

  • Students who are confused about which path to take
  • Professionals who want to change their career or start a project on the side but are unsure of how to go about it
  • Parents and Teachers who want to empower themselves to be able to help the kids under their care empower themselves.

My clients go from feeling overwhelmed with their situation to feeling productive.

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